Development at Oakbrook

Harnessing people’s potential and helping them achieve their life’s best work

Continuous learning

When you work with us you’ll have the chance to continually develop your skills, ability, and knowledge. We’ll help you do that with on-the-job training, professional internal courses, external training and even supporting job related qualifications.

Our people development team are an amazing bunch whose experience means they can quickly design bespoke training courses to suit any request. We also have a healthy budget that covers the cost of external learning, giving colleagues the opportunity to not only grow their skills but to create a stonger network (because you never know when you may need someone else's' expertise).

In addition, we have an annual learning agenda full of courses that people can select depending on the skills they want to develop.

We’ll always consider requests for vocational training and qualifications, and we absolutely love it when people learn something new and then share it with their colleagues.

And, if that’s not enough, and there’s something we’ve missed we provide a £100 per year allowance for all colleagues to learn a new skill of their choice. It doesn’t have to be work related either, we just love it when people learn new things. Colleagues have used this in the past for anything from hot pod yoga to cookery courses, driving lessons and even chocolate making.

Check out the video below to hear some of our colleagues learning and development experiences.

Ongoing opportunities

There’s always an opportunity to get involved in a project even if it’s not part of your core day to day role. Collaboration projects are a great way for you to demonstrate your wider skill set and work with people you may not usually work with increasing your knowledge and expertise.

But sometimes people have their own project in mind, something they really want to try. We think that’s great and do everything we can to help cultivate a culture of creativity and innovation. So, that’s why, we have quarterly pitch events where anybody can pitch an idea with the hope of getting rewarded with the time and resource to give it a go. And, even if you don’t have an independent idea, or don’t want to pitch, you can still get involved with the hackathons or mini projects that come from someone else’s idea.

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Of course, with all this development, learning and upskilling it’s inevitable that people will want to think about taking the next step on their career adventure. When it comes to planning your career, whether you want to progress in a traditional vertical way or take an experimental sidestep, we’ll help as much as possible by providing you with all the tools you need.

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Wherever possible, when it comes to hiring, we look to recruit and promote colleagues that are already in the business. This means there’s always loads of opportunities for you to consider.

But we know that not everyone has a clear view of how they want to progress or where they want their careers to go. So, we have a career progression framework that everyone can access to help them. This framework outlines the key skills, competencies, and behaviours you need for every role in the business so if there's a role you’re interested in moving into you know what you need to be working on, using your continuous development plan, to get you there.

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Managing performance

Performance management may sound a bit old fashioned and not very ‘fintech’, but we think it’s still a fundamental part of developing our skills so that we can genuinely achieve our life’s best work.

We understand the pitfalls of traditional style annual performance reviews though, so we don’t do it the traditional way.

Feedback is provided constantly and wherever possible in real time. Regular one to ones with line managers are used as a two-way opportunity to feedback.

We do have a slightly more formal review twice a year and during these you’ll get the opportunity to invite other colleagues to give you feedback about your performance. It’s a great opportunity to hear from the people you’ve been working closely with across the organisation and to get first-hand feedback from your peers.

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