Compliance and Risk Team

This is the team that keeps us on the straight and narrow! With a remit across our lending businesses and O6K, our technology and analytics company, there’s plenty to get involved in when you work in this team

Compliance and Risk

Implementing regulatory requirements, issuing advice and guidance to the wider business, designing the Enterprise Risk Management Framework, supporting the business to manage its risks, and advising on all things legal are just some of the things you could be responsible for when you work in Compliance and Risk.

Risk Team

It’s not as dangerous as it sounds! Our Risk Team is responsible for the design and implementation of our Risk Management Framework across the business. They are our business oversight partners and are there to support and challenge the management of key risks and controls. By working with the business, and through regular monitoring, the Risk Team are able to demonstrate we operate a three line defence model.

Legal Team

From reviewing and monitoring commercial contracts and third-party non-disclosure agreements, to the protection of intellectual property and the provision of ongoing general legal advice and risk mitigation. Our legal team work across the entire Oakbrook Group and offer help and support wherever it's needed.

Compliance Team

Interpreting and implementing regulatory requirements are the bread and butter for this team. We’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and as such our Compliance Team ensure that we regularly report back to the FCA and keep them up to date with what we’re doing.

They have a wide remit across Oakbrook and are involved in lots of things for example, issuing policy advice and guidance, getting involved in the creation of new products and putting monitoring strategies in place to ensure we’re always treating our customers fairly and providing good outcomes. They also deal with any Financial Ombudsman Complaints which we may receive liaising with the Financial Ombudsman and carrying out root cause analysis for continual improvement.