Core Tech Teams

Designing and delivering innovative technology, managing internal systems, looking after our security, and ensuring our data is handled safely are just some of the things you could be involved in when you work in tech at Oakbrook

Core Tech at Oakbrook

Our tech squads are highly established teams of people practicing the very best in agile thinking and ways of working and who have ownership over their own estates.

And, for people working in one of our tech squads, they’ll find an inclusive environment that enables them to realise their full potential, garnering a culture of continuous learning, creating opportunities for development, and being surrounded by supportive and knowledgeable teams.

There’s lots of opportunity to get involved in tech at Oakbrook and sat within our Core Tech Team are a variety of different roles. Here’s a flavour of some of the opportunities available.

Platform Engineer

  • Ongoing maintenance of platform infrastructure
  • Development of core infrastructure services
  • Development of build and release pipelines
  • The monitoring and alerting of infrastructure problems
  • First responders and triage point for alerts and major incidents

Delivery Managers

  • Setting and implementing the technical delivery strategy
  • Acting as Scrum Masters
  • Management and coaching for technical squads and helping with team development
  • Overall management and delivery of business-critical projects

Security Operations

  • Ongoing security activity such as patching and responding to new vulnerabilities
  • Responding to internally flagged alerts and the development of new alerts
  • Development of security posture through adding new controls across back office, data, and application platforms
  • Coordinating with external assurance providers to deliver activities such as penetration tests and audits


  • Support for back-office and desktop software systems
  • Maintenance and management of back-office infrastructure and services
  • Provisioning and management of physical technology such as PCs and mobile devices
  • Provisioning and management of connectivity such as WiFi and network connectivity

Assurance and Risk

  • Management of overall risk framework for technology
  • Project management of key risk-based projects
  • Management of key external assurance activities and audits
  • Management of overall technology assurance programme of work including quality assurance, periodic reviews, and management reports

Incident Management

  • Response and coordination of major incidents
  • Communication of status and impact of major incidents
  • Coordinating post-incident activity such as root cause analysis and reporting
  • Management of issue and incident triage response system, including out-of-hours support

Software Engineers

  • Development of services and api’s using C# and .NET
  • Develop web user interfaces using JavaScript & React
  • Designing and delivering solutions on our K8s based environment, using DDD and event driven architectures
  • Working with various data stores such as MongoDB and SQL
  • Creating and maintaining documentation

Data Engineers

  • Querying and data management using T-SQL
  • Apache Spark and Databricks Platform development using Python or Scala
  • Development of ETL processes with tools such as SSIS, Apache Spark, Azure data factory
  • Working with data lake technologies such as Delta Lake
  • Data warehousing and dimensional data modelling
  • Implementation and management of data governance processes

QA Engineers

  • Development of automated tests in C# using Specflow & Selenium
  • Organising and managing manual and automated test suites
  • Exploratory and smoke testing support
  • Development of continuous delivery pipeline test gates and fitness functions