Credit and Analytics

Providing data tools, models and insights, and ensuring we lend responsibly to our customers are just some of the many roles of our Credit and Analytics team

Credit and analytics

Credit and analytics at Oakbrook play a big role in the success of our lending businesses and O6K, our technology and analytics company. Sat behind every loan we write is the data modelling, the deep insights, the scorecards, and the commercial strategies. Responsible for leading our Open Banking strategy and with a core focus on responsible lending this team are the force behind the lending decisions.

There’s lots of opportunities within our Credit and Analytics team and, whether you’re interested in data science, credit or fraud strategy or have a passion for responsible lending and Open Banking Oakbrook is leading the way in how financial services use data and analytics for lending.

Data Science Team

  • Developing our lending scorecards
  • Implementing and developing machine learning
  • Embedding advanced analytics within automated decisioning
  • Producing management information

Credit Strategy Team

  • Developing and making recommendations on credit decision strategy
  • Developing our loan pricing strategy
  • Producing management information
  • Understanding and reporting on unit economics
  • Developing our Open Banking strategy

Responsible Lending Team

  • Developing and implementing our affordability strategies
  • Providing complaints management support
  • Developing applicant Income verification strategy
  • Producing management information

Fraud Strategy Team

  • Informing the fraud strategy using industry tools for example Cifas
  • Defining great customer journeys that protect against fraud
  • Determining fraud execution processes for operations
  • Creating Management information

Collection Strategy Team

  • Collection Strategy
  • Creating strategies to identify customers who may fall into financial difficulty
  • Developing strategies for early missed payments
  • Developing forbearance strategies
  • Providing management information