Marketing Team

Acquiring new customers, developing, and delivering digital marketing campaigns, understanding customer needs and building new product brands – all in a day’s work for Marketing at Oakbrook.

Marketing at Oakbrook

Marketing plays a key role at Oakbrook. It’s a pivotal function that provides marketing support to mission critical projects across the business including branding, new business, corporate initiatives and understanding our customers and what they need from us.

It’s the job of the Marketing Team to attract, deliver and retain customers helping ensure that through our brands we’re delivering our Purpose of 'simplifying and personalising borrowing' and our Vision of 'changing lending for the better'. And to ensure maximum visibility of our brands, building brand equity in the market, and establishing Oakbrook and its product brands as the UK’s most trusted Fintech business.

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Acquisition Team

The Acquisition Team leads the way on all our marketing campaigns. Plus, they ensure that our products are featured across price comparison websites and other channels. They obsess about SEO, PPC and conversion rates and develop and deliver all our-marketing campaigns including our TV ads. They collaborate on customer research work across the business and influence the design and build of customer journeys ensuring the very best possible experiences for our customers. They also manage our product websites and make sure that we communicate with our customers in the best possible way.

Brand Marketing

Our Brand Team focus on the development and delivery of our brand strategy and the creation and rollout of new brands. They manage our existing brands too, ensuring we maintain brand consistency across our products making sure that everything we say and do is consistent to our brand values. This team act as brand guardians across the business, and also protect our brand IP externally.

Marketing Data Team

The Data Team provide the insight to inform the campaigns. From creating lending plans and marketing forecasts to helping understand market data and analysing marketing campaigns they’re an integral part of the marketing team.