Operations Team

Whether you’re looking for a customer facing position or want to work in our fraud team, there’s plenty of opportunity in our Operations Team

Operations at Oakbrook

Our Operations Team play a key role at Oakbrook in our lending businesses. It’s a pivotal function that provides support to customers through their journey with us. It covers a wide remit dealing with applications and fraud, supplier and change management to customer service support and complaint resolution. Sat under the Operations Director it’s a highly established and talented team who all share a passion for good customer outcomes. Here’s a flavour of some of the things our Operations Team are responsible for.

Customer Services

Customer services really are the face of our company and go above and beyond when it comes to helping our customers. Delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance. From answering queries related to loan applications, to helping customers who may have found themselves in financial difficulty, the support offered to customers from within this team is invaluable. Whether you’re talking to customers on the phone or answering their emails this team strive to exceed our customers expectations in everything they do.

Applications and Fraud

A highly effective, dynamic, efficient and result driven team, our Applications and Fraud Team play a crucial role in helping customers through their application journey, making decisions on loan referral and affordability checks to ensure we reach the right outcome for each customer.

This team also play a key role in helping to prevent financial fraud whilst also offering support to victims of fraud. Reducing the risk of financial crime is incredibly important and we take it very seriously at Oakbrook. A typical day in the fraud team might include anything from handling simple application queries and verifying applicants’ identities, speaking to, and supporting fraud victims and dealing with fraud prevention agencies where we think fraud has been detected.

Supplier and Change Management

Working with suppliers is a key part of how we run Operations and effectively support our clients. This team deal with our third-party suppliers and the management of them; from onboarding new suppliers and managing their performance to ensuring our suppliers are meeting their key performance indicators and delivering consistently high levels of service supporting our customers.

At Oakbrook we never stand still and work at pace. A key element of our success is having a disciplined approach to change management. The role of Change Manager is responsible for implementing change management processes and initiatives across Operations, ensuring the wider team are up to date on key initiatives and any process or regulatory change so that we can continue to effectively support our customers.