Unlocking access to a £90bn annual consumer lending market

Connecting investors with products and consumers

We’re connecting investors, funders and partners seeking to lend with consumers who want to borrow. So far Oakbrook investors have financed over £700m to over 100,000 customers in the UK.

How we deliver returns for our investors, funders and partners

Investor Options

We have a longstanding history of predictable performance for warehouse investors for our on-balance sheet lending.

Forward flow sales enable investors, without specialist consumer credit capabilities, to leverage Oakbrook’s technology and experience and purchase beneficial rights of whole assets within their targeted risk-reward parameters. Significant retention of assets on our balance sheet and performance related compensation on forward flow sales ensures an alignment of interests between Oakbrook and our Partners.

Embedded Finance

Working with us will enable you to deploy funds rapidly, at scale, through over 40 existing integrations with price comparison websites.

We enable direct integrations with comparison platforms enabling real-time pre-approved quotations and optimised search table rankings.

Advanced Credit Risk & Analytical Expertise

We’re a proven lender and have over 7 years and £700m worth of lending expertise in advanced modelling and highly effective credit risk strategies. Our scorecards are 5x more powerful at discriminating risk than typical credit bureau scores.

We make data led decisions using structured and unstructured data, augmented with statistical modelling, AI, Open Banking, and an ever-expanding range of third-party tools.

Cutting edge technology

06K, our In-house built proprietary technology and analytics consumer lending platform, supports all our advanced credit analytics, multi-brand product delivery strategy and digitally enabled customer services.

We deliver API-first products and services underpinned by a domain orientated microservices approach with continuous delivery through multi-skilled agile squads that ideate, build, and run their technology.

Responsible lending

Customer affordability and wellbeing is at the heart of every customer decision we make. Our customer products are underpinned by personalised affordability assessments to ensure the highest standards of responsible lending.

We're also an early adopter of using Open Banking transaction data in underwriting and income validation for our products.

Servicing for customers

Our products have full self-service capabilities in the form of online customer accounts which are supported by our in-house customer service team.

We have high levels of customer satisfaction in the products and the service we deliver and are consistently achieving a market leading NPS score of 70+.

Licensing our technology and analytics capabilities

With O6K, our business-to-business technology and analytics company, we’re leading the way in the development and design of cutting-edge financial services technology through the evolution of our proprietary platform. Built by our in-house team of technologists it allows us to embed lending solutions directly into distribution partners and to enable rapid deployment of credit risk, analytics, and product innovations.

O6K is the technology that underpins Oakbrook's consumer lending businesses. Whilst purpose built for Oakbrook our technology has been developed in such a way that it meets the requirements of today's digital lenders.

We’ll be making our platform available for 3rd parties to license in the future.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about how our O6K platform could support your requirements.

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Our product brands

We’ve been lending since 2014 and have developed into one of the leading non-bank lenders in the UK. Our consumer loan products cover the widest customer spectrum of any lender in the UK, with loan amounts ranging from £500 to £15,000 across prime and non-prime APR bands.

Greenfield partnership opportunities

We have a proven ability to enter and successfully lend in adjacent market segments. We’re always seeking new opportunities to expand our reach and capabilities into new market segments.

Contact us If you’d like to discuss partnership opportunities in new or adjacent markets.