O6K Technology

Designing and delivering cutting edge financial services technology

O6K Platform – the next generation consumer origination and servicing platform

With O6K we’re leading the way in the development and design of cutting-edge financial services technology through the evolution of our proprietary platform. Built by our in-house team of technologists it allows us to build and deploy products, services, and tools into the market at pace and scale.

O6K is the technology that has underpinned Oakbrook's consumer lending businesses since 2014 and is now available to other businesses seeking solutions to their own technology and analytical challenges.

Our technology philosophy

Designing and delivering innovative technology which enables great customer experiences and outcomes runs through the very heart of what we do. Our shared Purpose at Oakbrook of 'simplifying and personalising borrowing' sits alongside our Vision to' change lending for the better', and it’s in pursuit of these that we continue to push the boundaries with the technology we create.

We’re agile to our very core and deliver change at pace, having become expert integrators with third parties through high performance API integrations.

We approach everything we design and build with certain principles in mind:

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Our services are domain oriented following domain driven design principles​

We build API-first ensuring a mature and complete API surface area​

We run in long-lived, agile squads that ideate, build, and run their products and services with DevOps practices​

Security is of paramount importance, so we adopt a zero trust approach​

Our customers trust us with their data, so we ensure privacy by design​

Product excellence is key as everything we build is a product

The O6K Platform

O6K is our bespoke financial services technology platform. It allows us to deliver highly adaptable solutions across multiple areas of financial services, from origination right through to the servicing and management of financial products. It enables us to deliver great user experiences, providing tailored and dynamic journeys allowing us to build digital relationships like no other. With O6K we're able to:

  • Seamlessly onboard customers and integrate with a suite of third parties including aggregators, data suppliers and service providers
  • Leverage advanced analytics and machine learning in automated decision processes
  • Create innovative financial products at speed
  • Stay safe with security and privacy, built in from the ground up
  • Meet high customer demand with world class resiliency and scalability
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Our platform is built on a solid, highly scalable foundation which uses the latest technology across security, monitoring and scalability.

  • Built cloud first on container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Leverages the latest in-Service Mesh technologies creating powerful, secure, programmable network communications
  • Has world class monitoring and diagnostics as standard and provides real time and detailed insights
  • Has proprietary real time event streaming which enables event driven programming and creates an event-streamed analytics environment
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Integration Layer

API first, performant integrations for origination partners and clients

Platform Modules

O6K Journeys

Flexible, user aquisition journey orchestration

O6K Customer Hub

Digital servicing for customers

O6K Agent Hub

Intuitive tooling for agents to manage case workflow and calls

O6K Account Management

Account Management and financial calculation engine

O6K Collections

Strategy orchestration and multi-channel payments

O6K Platform Manager

Configuration engine

Intelligence Engine

O6K Decisions

Decisions as code in the hands of analytical experts

O6K Insights

Modern data platform powering insight & analytics

O6K Platform Infrastructure

Elastic Scaling

Zero trust security built-in

Resiliency at its core

Privacy by design

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O6k Journeys

We’re experts when it comes to integrating with partners. And it enables us to quickly push out the latest innovations to market such as Open Banking.

We integrated Open Banking into our customers journeys in 2018 and haven’t looked back since. And recently have become the first to market with an Open Banking aggregator integration.

When it comes to onboarding new suppliers the maturity of our API interface ensures a seamless, fast, and efficient process turning around new data integrations in days rather than months.

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O6K Decisions

Our intelligence engine, O6K Decisions, really is the ‘brain’ of our O6K platform, allowing us to leverage algorithmic decision making and machine learning across a variety of different use cases.

It’s been designed to deliver rapid, complex decisions based on millions of data points every day and enables quick integration of a variety of different sources, whether structured, unstructured, internal, or external.

We’ve built O6K Decisions to speak the language of advanced data science teams, enabling them to build models in the code they love like R, Python and .NET and deploy directly into production.

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O6K Customer Hub

Our customer hub is a mobile-first web portal that enables us to build relationships with our customers and most importantly empowers them to manage their accounts with us.

We’ve spent a long time crafting our customer hub and have invested lots of time in ensuring we get the customer expereince absolutly right. Its just part of our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the best possible customer experience.

It's packed full of features which allow for multiple digital interactions enabling customers to manage their product with us and includes online chat.

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O6K Insights

The best decisions are made based on data, the solution to this is O6K Insights.

O6K Insights receives updates from other O6K components as they happen and incorporates them into the wider data warehouse. The pipeline builds on modern data engineering principles and technologies. This enables key insights into data quickly and provides a clear view of what's going on in the platform.

O6K Insights can also feed that data back in to other O6K components, so that it can be incorporated into decision making.