O6K - Our Technology and Analytics Business

Combining innovation in technology and cutting-edge analytics to become a leading provider of embedded consumer finance solutions

O6K, our business-to-business technology and analytics company sits within the Oakbrook Group alongside our consumer lending businesses. O6K’s proprietary technology and analytics platform has been built from the ground up to support the rapid development of our own lending businesses, but is purposely designed to offer white labelling and platform lending solutions for business partners.


We’re leading the way in the design and delivery of innovative financial services technology with the development of our bespoke financial services platform. Using the very latest technology across containerisation, service mesh, big data processing and zero trust security, our O6K platform delivers highly scalable and secure solutions across financial services from customer origination through to servicing and the management of financial products. Enabling personalised customer experiences and providing tailored and dynamic customer journeys we’re building digital relationships like no other.

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Data and analytics are integral to our culture, ways of working and success, and they are woven into everything we do. At Oakbrook data and analytics means so much more than just having scorecards and strategy rule’s for making credit decisions. We’re pushing the boundaries, designing cutting edge solutions to help deliver the very best possible personalised experiences for our customers. From leading the industry in Open Banking adoption to deploying sophisticated machine learning into our decisions we’re championing the future of data and analytics for consumer lending.

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Partnership and investment opportunities

So far our O6K technology and analytics platform has enabled over £700m of consumer loans to over 100,000 customers in the UK. We understand progress for many businesses is stifled rather than empowered by their technology, which is why we've built modular solutions and end-to-end technology solutions that can be tailored to solve your specific problems and unlock your true potential.

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